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RediCheck Review Services

RediCheck Associates provides a complete set of plans and specifications thoroughly marked and highlighted to indicate all the items which have been reviewed and cross-checked. Errors, omissions, and discrepancies are noted in red for easy identification.

We provide color scans of all reviewed documents and electronically marked up specifications. This provides tangible evidence of a thorough and detailed review. The reviewed documents give you the assurance that a comprehensive effort has been made to identify potential items which could add unnecessary costs, delays, and conflict to your project. We can provide a remote online debrief to your staff and design team. During a debrief, we walk the design team through our process and discuss critical items discovered.


  • SWAT Team

    Extremely fast partial review for clients with a limited budget and/or critical schedules.
  • Full Review

    Complete review of all discipline drawings and specs.
  • Targeted Discipline Review

    Review of a specific discipline or disciplines (for example, MEP coordination only).

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