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RediCheck Interdisciplinary Coordination

This eBook (6th Edition - 2015) offers a systematic approach to one of the design profession's most serious problems: a lack of coordination between disciplines. Includes over 130 pages and 95 illustrations.

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Table of Contents

Part A - RediCheck

  1. Definition and Benefits of RediCheck
  2. RediCheck in Your Firm
  3. Performing the RediCheck Review
  4. Part B - Interdisciplinary Checklists

  5. Civil Interdisciplinary Checklist
  6. Structural Interdisciplinary Checklist
  7. Architectural Interdisciplinary Checklist
  8. Mechanical/Plumbing Interdisciplinary Checklist
  9. Electrical Interdisciplinary Checklist
  10. Food Service Interdisciplinary Checklist
  11. Specifications Checklist
  12. Consolidated RediCheck Checklist
  13. Part C - Concepts

    Part D - Sample RediCheck Discrepancies

About the Author

William T. Nigro, AIA, is the originator of the RediCheck system. RediCheck is in wide use by the United States Navy and is included in handbooks or guidelines to practice published by the American Consulting Engineers Council and the American Institute of Architects. Bill is retired from the Civil Engineer Corps of the United States Navy where he was Course Director for Design Contract Management, a course that prepared government personnel for the effective management of architect/engineer contracts. He is a registered architect in the state of Florida and has conducted many quality assurance seminars for the American Institute of Architects, University of Wisconsin, Clemson University, private A/E firms, and the government. He resides in Peachtree City, Georgia where he is the owner of The RediCheck Firm, a firm specializing in quality assurance reviews and training. The RediCheck Firm has performed reviews on over $15 billion worth of construction during the last 32 years, and has provided RediCheck training for over 8,000 architects and engineers.