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UW Foster School of Business, © LMN Architects
UW Foster School of Business, © LMN Architects
RediCheck specializes in construction document reviews that have been proven to reduce construction costs and avoid unnecessary delays. Our systematic method of quality control specifically addresses the points of interface between building systems in order to identify discrepancies. RediCheck identifies inconsistencies, errors, and omissions between and within design disciplines.

First developed in 1981, RediCheck is the only coordination review system recognized by both the American Institute of Architects and the American Consulting Engineers Council.

Experienced Team

RediCheck Associates comprises three offices authorized to conduct reviews using the copyrighted RediCheck system. Our team consists of more than 15 reviewers across all major disciplines, collectively offering over 400 years of experience. Over the past 38 years, we have successfully reviewed projects totaling more than $50 billion. As specialists in construction document review, this is our sole focus.