Save a minimum of
double our fee!

Project Benefits

By using the RediCheck services you will realize a reduction in change orders and savings in both time and construction costs.

On projects that we review, we find an average of five errors or omissions per contract drawing. That is 500 potential problems on a project with 100 drawings. Many of these are potential change orders that could demand extra money and time to correct in the field. Some are minor, some are not, and some are real budget-breakers. It is tough funding for a project once; no one needs the hassle of requesting additional funding to pay for change orders and cost overruns.

We specialize in complex, multi-disciplined projects for clients who have capital improvement programs.

Our process will:

  • Reduce change order rates and save contingency funds
  • Eliminate most Requests for Information (RFI's), saving time and cost of processing
  • Improve ability to keep projects on schedule
  • Reduce contract administrative costs
  • Improve relationships between the owner, designer, and contractor